About the Course

An online presence is the easiest way to attract customers. The first step? A great website. Whether you’ve set up websites before and are just looking for tips, or have never even set up a blog before, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to set up your own simple website in our free 10 day course.

Why learn Web Development?

Free Yourself

You know what you want, and you know when you want it done. Unfortunately, not everyone aligns with your vision or has the same timeline you do. Knowing how to navigate around your website will let you make those small changes without being reliant on a web developer.

You can do Better

Maybe you’re bootstrapping and its hard to justify throwing away thousands of dollars for a website. Or maybe you’re tired of shelling out money every time you want a minor change done. We’ll teach you how to build or update your site from a free or low cost template.

Move Fast

We live in a fast world. In the time you spend looking for a web developer, picking the best web developer, explaining your vision, etc. you’ve lost your competitive edge. Knowing how to mockup sites quickly lets you and your business keep up with the 21st century.

The Syllabus

Day 1 Things to consider before building your site.

Day 2 Domains and Hosting

Day 3 Site Structure & Planning

Day 4 Playing with WordPress

Day 5 WordPress Themes

Day 6 Creating Pages

Day 7 Menus and Posts

Day 8 Installing Plugins

Day 9 Developing Content

Day 10 Promoting your Site

Your Instructors

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I’m self taught in web development, business, and basic programming. Too cheap to hire a programmer, I’ve built every site for every business and project I’ve worked on, and I know how hard learning how to build sites can be. I love helping others build and create awesome things!

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I start building poker websites out of my dorm room. I soon realized many local companies were struggling to build their online presence and websites, and I created 1stlabs to help build websites for small businesses. Since then, I’ve launched helpified and several other projects.

Ready to get started?